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    No one ever starts a business to have less time, less money and more stress. Yet many entrepreneurs hit a bottleneck in their growth as they try to do everything themselves. My goal is to help you, the business owner, achieve greater productivity and business success.


    With 30 years of administration know-how, I bring the best of corporate practices to help SMEs realise their goals and dreams. I do this with Virtual Executive Assistant services and by providing access to a multi-skilled team. No matter where you need support, we have someone who can help.

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    We have a range of services to help busy business owners focus on growing their business.

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    Social Media Management

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  • We Have The Best Clients

    Martin Fenwick


    Treena really strives to make your working life easier. She has fitted in as a seamless part of our team and has worked hard to understand what we are all about and what we stand for to the extent that clients don’t see her as being virtual at all. She is a safe pair of hands to manage the delivery of our projects whilst at the same time being unafraid to suggest improvements to the way we do things bringing a number of innovations and innovative apps to us. Most importantly she is personable and easy to deal with.

    Suzi McAlpine

    McAlpine Coaching

    Treena has been my EA since 2016. There is so much I love about working with Treena, but top of mind is Treena:

    • Cares deeply about the work she does for me and it shows. There have been times when she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to turnaround work quickly or get things done.  
    • She has a dab hand at presentations but sorts out my administration like a whizz and I know she has my back and that same professionalism and warmth extends to my clients. This is a big one for me.
    • In a nutshell, there is HUGE trust between us and Treena has built this through the amazing work she has done for me across the years. Treena, you’re a gem and I’m so grateful to have you as my EA.

    Douglas Lang


    Treena has worked in a Virtual Admin role with the Altris team for a number of years. Over that time she has been a friendly, reliable, responsive and highly valued member of our extended team. She is personable and professional and, as a result, we are very comfortable with her dealing directly with key clients as needed. A highly recommended resource. I’m not sure what we do without her.

    Simon Bainbridge

    Fillan Healthcare

    Treena and her team have proven invaluable to Fillan Healthcare in terms of their adaptability to our changing customer needs and ability to keep pace with our ongoing expansion

    Rebekah Fraser

    The Back To Work Coach

    Partnering with Octopus Admin saves me valuable time and headspace! I get to do what I enjoy (and what I’m good at) while Treena and her team take care of the ‘busy’ tasks that take me ages and draw my attention away from developing my business.


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